2000​ 5″ KURAKI​ ​KBT-13A​ ​CNC ​Horizontal Boring Mill with a Fanuc 16M​

Travel :

X – 3000 mm (118″)​
Y – 2000 mm (78.8″)​
Z – 1300 mm ​(51″)
W – 700 mm ​(27.5″)​
Spindle Speed : 5 ~ 2500 rpm

Rotary Table : 1600 x 1800 mm (63″ x 70″)

Tool Type : BT50

ATC : 40 Tools
Chip Conveyor

Machine under power.
Language switchable.

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  1. Tz-Hau Huang


    Dear Sir,

    Is it still available? if still yet, please offer competitive price to us, and send us detail photos and specification, our client are suitable for this machine, thank you.

    Best regards
    Tz-Hau Huang
    Golden Rise Trading Co.,Ltd

  2. Reply

    This has worked for me on seearvl occasions, but the first part you run is a throw away because the broach isn’t parked yet.Use G32 instead of G1 for your in-feed and then orient your spindle while the broach is still at the bottom of the hole and pull the broach out of the hole with the spindle stopped and oriented, then adjust your Z axis starting positon to adjust the radial orientation of the broached feature.Example:M3 S1000G00 Z0.2 (ADJUST HERE FOR RADIAL ORIENTATION)G32 Z-0.3 F.001M50G28 H0.0G00 C0.0Z-0.2Radial tolerances are commonly +/- 1/2 DegreeIt’s a little bit hair-ball, but a hell of a lot cheaper than a machine with a B-axis. Not recommended for a turret mounted position where centrifugal force could rotate the broach.And check your parts more frequently than you normally would!

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